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about us

United for Wildlife was created by The Royal Foundation. Led by The Duke of Cambridge, our campaign unites the world’s leading wildlife charities under a common purpose: to create a global movement for change.

Whilst animals continue to be killed by criminals, whilst whole species are poached to extinction, we will join together to ask one simple question: Whose side are you on?

With the help of our incredible ambassadors from around the world, including David Beckham, Andy Murray and Chris Froome, we’re building a movement that will make a real change for wildlife.

“I believe passionately that we have a duty to prevent critically endangered species from being wiped out. If we get together, everywhere, we can preserve these animals so that they share our world with future generations. That’s what United for Wildlife is all about, and why I’m proud to be involved.”

HRH The Duke of Cambridge,
President of United for Wildlife

Our partners

Our Ambassadors

our commitments

United for Wildlife is fighting the illegal wildlife trade. We are a collaboration of seven conservation organisations, convened by The Royal Foundation.

These are our commitments:

• Better On-Site Protection for wildlife
• Reduce demand for illegal wildlife products
• Improve law enforcement
• Work with the private sector to reduce trafficking
• Engage young people with conservation

Join our side, and help us raise awareness of the poaching crisis.

Add your voice to ours

our partners

The United for Wildlife collaboration comprises seven international conservation organisations convened by The Duke of Cambridge, and is committed to increasing attention on the most pressing conservation issues of our time, from the rapid escalation of illegal wildlife trade to the challenges of demand reduction.

These issues are having a devastating effect on wild populations of some of the largest and most iconic species like elephants, rhinos and tigers, as well as lesser known species such as the pangolin. United for Wildlife is on their side, are you?

View the United for Wildlife pamphlet which outlines the commitments our partners made in 2014 at the start of our campaign to save wildlife.


We are all United for Wildlife. We have bought together some incredible ambassadors from around the world, who share our passion for ending the illegal wildlife trade. Our ambassadors have pledged to help spread our message to their social media followers, and back our call of “enough is enough”.

taskforce resources

With the current levels of poaching devastating wildlife populations at rates never before witnessed, engagement with the private sector and in particular the transport industry, is crucial if we are to break the trade chains between source and consumer.

Launched in December 2014 the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce was established to facilitate the transport sector examining its role in the illegal wildlife trade with the aim of subsequently identifying means by which the sector can break these trade chains.

You can find a copy of the declaration here: Taskforce Declaration

As well as the explanatory note that provides further details on some of the actions:
Taskforce Declaration Explanatory Note

Click here to find a copy of all of the signatories so far: Declaration signatories

To learn more about the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce follow this link.

Buckingham Palace Declaration Signatories have access to a number of resources that can be accessed by signing in below.

This site provides access to resources and materials for use by the Declaration Signatories. Unless otherwise stated, all material is for internal viewing only.

the facts

Whole species are being hunted to extinction, as part of an illegal trade that benefits organised criminals and armed gangs. We want you to add your voice to ours and say “enough is enough”.

• The illegal wildlife trade is valued at between $7–$23 billion USD per year and is one of the five most lucrative global crimes.
• It’s not just a crime against wildlife, 1,000 rangers have been killed in the last ten years, which is two per week, every week.
• In South Africa alone, one arrest for rhino related crime happens every day.
• Nearly 20 tons of pangolin scales were seized from illegal shipments originating from Africa between 2013 and 2016, according to U.S. officials. They said the scales came from as many as 39,000 pangolins.

Will you support us and help preserve these animals or will you do nothing as they vanish from our world forever?


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