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about us

United for Wildlife was created by The Royal Foundation. Led by The Duke of Cambridge, our campaign unites the world’s leading wildlife charities under a common purpose: to create a global movement for change.

Whilst animals continue to be killed by criminals, whilst whole species are poached to extinction, we will join together to ask one simple question: Whose side are you on?

With the help of our incredible ambassadors from around the world, including David Beckham, Andy Murray and Chris Froome, we’re building a movement that will make a real change for wildlife.

“I believe passionately that we have a duty to prevent critically endangered species from being wiped out. If we get together, everywhere, we can preserve these animals so that they share our world with future generations. That’s what United for Wildlife is all about, and why I’m proud to be involved.”

HRH The Duke of Cambridge,
President of United for Wildlife

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