Mauricio Guerra

Colombian Mauricio Guerra has a background in biology, with a focus on and interest in primates as well as improving people’s quality of life. The Amazon rain forest and the Caribbean Sierra Nevada are his favourite places in the world, and he strives to honour and support healthy communities of people and wildlife.

He has worked as a field assistant, scientist-conservationist and primary school teacher, as well as in commercial offices, farms, research groups and kitchens.

In 2014 Mauricio helped United for Wildlife by becoming a character inside the online game RuneScape, where he interacted with other players in a game location called Burthorpe, providing facts and explaining the plight of  rhinos and the dangers they face from poachers in the wild.

He is also a member of the Conservation Leadership Programme Alumni network, having won an award to undertake a primate project in Colombia. He considers himself calm, adventurous, hard-working, a bit crazy and excited about the interactions of science and art.