Roheet Karoo

Roheet Karoo is a gift to tomorrow’s tigers, particularly in the Umred-Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary area. Driven by the need to reclaim barren lands and restore them to forest status, he says he is haunted by the gruesome image of the dead tiger he saw outside the Government Veterinarian Hospital in Umred near Tadoba in Maharashtra when he was a class seven student. At that moment, he decided that his life would be spent defending tigers.

He is currently working to turn unproductive farms to forest status, by channelling resources to communities whose livelihoods he believes must come from the restored biodiversity on their own lands. The surveys and studies Roheet has undertaken resulted in physical protection that has given the Tadoba Tiger Reserve a new lease of life.

Roheet is the founding secretary of the Wildlife Conservation and Development Centre (WLCDC) and Honorary Wildlife Warden of Nagpur district. He has only one dream – to protect tigers and their habitats.


Roheet in action rescuing a tiger