Shavez Cheema

Muhammad Shavez Cheema is a twenty two year old Anthropology student making a huge difference for wildlife in Negara Brunei Darussalam, on the island of Borneo.

Protecting animals is his daily job – he conducts a free wildlife service in Brunei and rescued 9 critically endangered pangolins in Brunei Darussalam in 2014, 45 threatened animals overall.

His training comes from following scientists into the field, learning from pangolin specialists who visit him and support his work, by reading scientific books – and of course from the personal, practical experience he receives directly in the jungle every day. Watch 1StopBrunei’s video about pangolins in Brunei.

After finishing his A level studies in 2012, Shavez created 1StopBrunei wildlife which you can follow on Facebook and Instagram. The aim of this work is to raise conservation awareness among the children of Brunei and the public. For example, he visited 39 schools in one year, providing them with educational posters.

From a very early age, Shavez developed a love of animals by watching National Geographic and Animal Planet. He began visiting the forests of Brunei, where he became fascinated by the amazing diversity of wildlife there – such as the leopard, slow loris and his favorite, the pangolin (tenggiling).

Shavez hopes to continue protecting the animals of Brunei, especially the troubled pangolin. And he aspires to increase community involvement in local conservation.

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