Fauna & Flora International

As a global conservation organisation working on over 140 projects in more than 40 countries, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is making a real difference to the planet’s biodiversity.

At FFI, we work where we are needed most. Through successful partnerships and innovative projects we have managed to help save some of the world’s most beautiful, important and threatened wildlife.

Tackling poaching and the illegal trade of endangered species has been a focus for many years. The United for Wildlife partnership helps us to respond more effectively to some of the biggest threats we face today.

Poaching is a complicated issue, often fuelled by organised crime where huge profits can be made. In other cases it is simply local people trying to feed and provide for their families.

To combat illegal wildlife trade, we are helping local communities protect and manage areas that are the home of targeted species, while supporting local livelihoods by providing sustainable alternatives to poaching.

Through this combined approach, our anti-poaching programmes are protecting many key species around the world, including turtles, tigers, gorillas, saiga antelopes, rhinos and elephants.

Watch this short film to hear how FFI intervened in the attempted poaching of a Sumatran tiger in Indonesia. Some footage is extremely graphic, and may offend or upset some viewers. We ask you watch it, however, as it tells the story of what is really happening to endangered animals in the wild, and is something we continue to fight against.